Tuesday, August 17, 2010

AquaSure Drinking Water Purification System

You cannot imagine drinking water at home without getting it purified with a home water purifier. The alarming pollution levels have taken a toll on everyone’s health. When solutions are there, why not avail them to our advantage! Drinking water purification is a must to stay away from water borne diseases. If you get the water of your tap tested, you will be surprised to find it full of harmful micro organisms and contaminants. In the industrial regions and in areas where pesticides are greatly used in the crop fields, you will find chemicals, lead, pesticides and other harmful contaminants consuming which you will be affected like slow poison. Hence the importance of drinking water purification systems!

You will come across many a home water purifier in the market. Now the question is which drinking water purification system you should go for. When choices are many, you will certainly fall in a dilemma; so read reviews on web. The AquaSure home water purifier has been spoken volume in many a review. One such drinking water purification system of the AquaSure brand by Eureka Forbes is the AquaSure Elegant DX. It comes equipped with a whole lot of features such as:

  • 5-stage RO purification
  • 500 -2000(mg/l) TDS support
  • Designed to blend perfectly with the modern kitchen
  • 8 litres storage capacity
  • Micro switch float to avoid over flow
  • Manual flush facility
  • Auto shut off if not used for over 10 minutes
  • Glass holding facility.