Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Eight Filter Cartridges and five Purifying Technologies

Here is a drinking water purification system that comes equipped with eight filter cartridges, viz. particulate filter, clarity cartridge, pre active silver carbon cartridge, electronic membrane life enhancer, RO membrane, post active silver carbon cartridge, ultra filtration cartridge, and UV lamp. Incorporation of five purification technologies deem it the only purifier of its kind in the world. These are E-boiling +, UV+, RO+ UF+ and SMP+ technologies, designed to purify any type of water in any geographical area. We are delving on the Aquaguard Total Sensa water purifier.

How does the purification take place in this Drinking Water System? You must be wondering how it senses the quality of the type of water to make the purification happen. Well, Aquaguard Total Sensa comes with a unique patented BluG technology. It senses the quality of water and accordingly auto selects the best drinking water purification technology. What ultimately flows from the faucet is safe H2O with the triple benefit of sweetness, minerals and purity, perfectly balanced with the right amount of salts and minerals.

You will need some space in your kitchen to get the Water Purifier accommodated. Its dimensions are 344 x 322 x 473 mm and it weighs 12.26 kg. Medium and big families can go for this drinking water system, as it comes with a tank storage capacity of 9.5 liters. Life of the UV lamp is 5000 hours. The RO membrane used is TFC spiral