Sunday, May 13, 2012

Why Drink Pure Water Always

Few years ago I was recommended to use a UV water purifier. Going by the advice of few of my colleagues, I did send a sample of the kitchen tap water to the lab. I got the report and though I came across a chart that mentioned the presence of contaminants in different quantities, I didn’t consider it serious. And months passed by! I then believed that my conventional water purifier double containers of steel with candle filters on top which requires no running water or electricity to run, provided me Pure Water. But I was wrong. I realized it late. It was around some two months ago that my hospitalization for almost two weeks, which drained out my long-saved resources, as I didn’t have a health insurance, that I realized the importance of drinking pure water purified involving use of an advanced water purifier. Once I was released from hospital the first thing I did was buying a water purifier, as was recommended in the report two years ago. I bought Aquaguard verve UV.

Why I am narrating my experience is just to let readers know the importance of drinking pure water, importance of using an advanced Water Purifier. I just do not want that you guys come across the same fate as mine. It can be dangerous too; diseases caused by bacteria can be life threatening. I came across surveys that millions of deaths across the world happen because of water borne diseases. Buddies, start consuming pure water!