Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Getting a Permanent ‘Paani ka Doctor’ at Home

It is but a surprise that co-incidentally almost all of our relatives located across India are using RO water purifiers from Eureka Forbes. Yes, it is the Aquaguard. No wonder lakhs of families like us must be availing the benefits of RO water purifiers from this company. There should be enough reasons why so many people have laid their trust on this brand, on this company. In our case, we are more than satisfied. It will not be an exaggeration to say that after we started using this company’s product, none of our family members suffered from any water borne disease. It was after our doctor recommended us to use an RO system, as most of our family members became victims of water borne diseases, that we bought the Aquaguard Total Enhance.

We conducted enough research before we bought the Aquaguard Total Enhance. As we wanted to buy one of the best RO water purifiers available in the market, we read reviews and blog posts on web, took second opinion from neighbors and relatives, and finally opted for this. The best part about this purification system is saving of 30 percent of water which otherwise gets wasted. No other RO water purifiers in the Indian market come with such a water saving mechanism. Hence the tagging ‘green RO system’ not to mention ‘paani ka doctor’!

If you buddies are recommended to use RO Water Purifiers, do go for them. Do not forget to get your tap water tested before you buy them.