Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Total Enhance Green RO Purifiers for low and High TDS

If you are recommended to use RO water purifiers, you should be ready to waste water. Yes, gallons of water are wasted during the RO purification process. But if you are conscious about saving precious water, you can look forward towards using green RO purifiers. Total Enhance Green RO is the only purifier of its kind in India that lets users save 30 percent of water which otherwise gets wasted. Eureka Forbes has introduced it in three types. These are:
•Enhance Green RO for areas where the TDS level in the water is low
•Enhance RO which removes excess TDS and makes the water pure and sweet
•Enhance RO+ which is equipped to handle extremely high level of TDS.

Get your tap water tested so that you know which one of the aforesaid RO Water Purifiers should be installed in your kitchen. You can view details about the system at This ‘paani ka doctor’ is priced at Rs. 13,990; you can book it right away at for Rs. 2,800 and pay the rest of the amount by cash on delivery. Here are few of the features of these RO purifiers:
•Electronic Membrane Life Enhancer for preventing scaling of dissolved salts on the membrane
•Enhanced Filtration ensured by particulate filter and clarity cartridge
•Residual organic impurities get removed and original taste gets revived by the special carbon cartridge
•Enhanced protection, removing the A-Z of contaminants.

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