Friday, October 21, 2011

Aquaguard Total Duo water purifier system

Think about advanced technology, aesthetic designs, and effective purification mechanisms in water purifiers and you will be transported to the world of Eureka Forbes. There are water purifiers for every water type. If water in your area is high in total dissolved solids and disease causing harmful micro organisms, Aquaguard Total Duo water purifier system will serve your purpose. Yes, this revolutionary system from the house of Eureka Forbes comes equipped with dual mechanisms - RO+UV. The advanced 6-stage purification process involving use of 6 filters including UV lamps and RO membrane ensures that every drop of water flowing from its faucet is 100% pure and safe.

It has been for three months now that we have been using this Aquaguard Total Duo water purifier system with great satisfaction. Ever since we have used it, hardly anyone in the family complains about a bad health. Given the dual technology, it is priced at only Rs. 14990. I first requested for a home demo sending an SMS "AGD" to 566775. My request was met within 24 hours. Soon I ordered for it and the installation took place through the trained health specialist of Eureka Forbes. Before I bought this, I did come across other blend water purifiers at its corporate site and I ultimately chose this.

The Aquaguard Total Duo water purifier system is equipped with four intelligent indicators for added convenience, viz. power indicator for faultless functioning of the electrical circuit, water process, UV lamp, and tank full indicators.