Monday, October 17, 2011

AquaGuard purifiers and RO water purifier price

All health conscious people who are using advanced water purifiers at home know about Eureka Forbes. Over 8 million people using Eureka Forbes water purifiers across the length and breadth of the country well justify the fact. There is a water purifier for every water type, right from storage, UF, UV to RO, and blend mechanisms.

In the category of AquaGuard water purifiers, Eureka Forbes offers a range of options to choose from. Here is a list of the same:
· Aqua Guard Blend Purification Systems: Total Sensa, Total Duo
· Aqua Guard RO Purifiers: Total ENHANCE, Total Reviva, Total Protec+, Total Atom
· Aqua Guard UV Purifiers: Total INFINITI, Classic, Compact, Booster, Hi-Flo, VERVE
· Aqua Guard Ultra Filtration

Prices of all aforementioned purifiers are blueprinted to suit the pockets of all. If you are recommended to use an RO system, worry not about the RO water purifier price. Of course compared to other single purifying mechanisms, RO water purifier price may seem a bit high. But it is worth the investment because you are investing on health. Only a Eureka Forbes RO water purifier guarantees flow of 100% safe and pure water from the faucet.

One RO water purifier worth mentioning is AquaGuard Total Atom. It is specially designed for areas with hard water. It comes with a 5-stage purification process that reduces TDS level besides eliminating harmful micro organisms and other contaminants. This RO water purifier price is fixed at Rs. 8,490; dial 3988 3333 to order it.