Monday, October 24, 2011

AquaGuard Enhance RO water purifier

Using the Eureka Forbes Aquaguard Paani ka Doctor, the world of drinking water at our home has completely changed. It is a truly green RO ever introduced till date. My neighbors who use pure water filters of India of RO mechanism of other brands often complain about the wastage of water. And then as I geared up to buy a RO water purifier, I came across the AquaGuard Enhance RO at It is now almost over three months that we have been using it. Do you know AquaGuard Enhance RO helps you save 30% water? Yes, it is the only RO water purifier with such a saving mechanism.

RO pure water filters in India are of course costlier than UV or storage filters. But these are a must-have if water in your area is high in total dissolved solids or is hard. It is the RO drinking water purification system that is effective in lowering TDS and hardness enabling you to live healthy lives. The aforesaid RO water purifier price is fixed at only Rs. 11,990, which is meager. It is an investment for health! RO water purifier price from the house of Eureka Forbes varies according to models in terms of features, storage capacities, and technical specifications. There are RO pure water filters in India of other brands that are costlier than Eureka Forbes. But do not go by the purifier price. After all, your drinking water should be completely pure and safe. Staying away from water-borne diseases does matter.