Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Safe water for a healthy life

The concept of the reverse osmosis system in India is a decades-old phenomenon. One of the pioneers in the Indian market to introduce RO water purifiers is Eureka Forbes. The company is driven by the motto to facilitate the people lead a healthy life by drinking safe water. Given the fact that many regions of the country have high total dissolved solids (TDS) in water, the necessity of using RO water purifiers has emerged like never before. It is the reverse osmosis purifying technique that lowers the TDS level in water. Eureka Forbes has developed a series of the reverse osmosis system in India

You can be confident that you are drinking safe water only if the water is purified in a water purifier. Get the water of your home tested to check the TDS levels and if the TDS content is high, get a reverse osmosis system immediately. Drink safe water always to stay healthy.

One of the RO water purifiers by Eureka Forbes that is the choice of millions is the Aquaguard Nano RO. Here are few of the features of this reverse osmosis system:
• 5-stage RO purification process
• 4 litre storage capacity
• Micro switch float to avoid over flow
• Manual flush facility
• Auto shut off mechanism
• Inbuilt voltage stabilizer
• 90% TDS reduction.