Wednesday, September 29, 2010

A disease-free life with Reverse Osmosis Water Purification System

It was for several months together that either one or sometimes two of the family members had to see the doctor and at times even get hospitalized. I did not realize that the diseases were caused due to consumption of unsafe water. We have been using a candle filter and our family doctor asked if we were using a filter system. I always answered in the positive. It was recently when he asked if we are using an advanced system that I realized that it was not the right water purifier.

Our doctor advised us to get the water tested; we got it done and we were advised to use a reverse osmosis filter system. As always while buying consumer durable products, I used to read reviews first. So, I read reviews about reverse osmosis water purifiers besides also reading the features. I found the Eureka Forbes reverse osmosis water purifiers being the most preferred systems used by millions of users.

After a thorough research I chose to buy the Aquaguard Total RO Reviva . This compact reverse osmosis water purification system comes with a Multi -stage purification that reduces the TDS level of water besides reviving its sweet taste. For a family like ours, the storage capacity of 8 litres will well suits our requirement. The reverse osmosis system also eliminates physical chemicals and microbiological contaminants in addition to lead, pesticides and heavy metals.

Spending Rs. 9,990 is no big deal for me; it is worth the investment!