Monday, September 27, 2010

The best water purification system

Are you sure you need RO water purifiers at your homes? Well, RO water purifiers are recommended in areas where the TDS (total dissolved solids) content in water is high. It is only after getting your tap water tested that you should go for such water purification systems. To get the best water purifier no matter whether it is RO or of other mechanisms, do get the water tested besides reading reviews on web and seeking opinion from friends, neighbors, and relatives. This is how I bought one of the best water purifiers.

I bought the AquaSure Elegant DX water purification system. This elegantly designed best water purifier comes with a 5-stage water purification mechanism having a storage capacity of 8 lts. It is after reading the features of this AquaSure water purification system at the Eureka Forbes corporate site that I bought it.

Features of the AquaSure Elegant DX include the following:
• 500 -2000(mg/l) TDS support
• Blends perfectly with modern urban kitchen
• Micro switch float to avoid over flow
• Manual flush facility, cleaning the cartridge and enhancing its life
• Auto shut off if not used for over 10 minutes
• Glass holding facility
• 90% TDS reduction.

It is after using this water purification system that I am able to ensure for myself and my family members a healthy life free from water borne diseases.