Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Using Myriad Products Of The Same Company

It is no surprise to find a single consumer using varied products of the same company. The best example of this statement is Eureka Forbes. Home water purifier, electronic security system, vacuum cleaner, solar lighting, and air purifier – a single consumer may use all of these products from Eureka Forbes. Why not? When it comes to quality, performance, and technology incorporated, this company’s products are superlative. Each product has its own unique identity. Think of the Aquaguard Total Sensa home Water Purifier. It is the only water purifier of its kind in the world to be equipped with complete purification technologies, viz. E-boiling +, UV+, RO+, UF+ and SMP+ that can purify any kind of water. This is a Eureka Forbes product. Consider the Aquaguard Total Enhance Paani ka Doctor; this RO system is the only home water purifier of its kind in India that lets the user save 30 percent of H2O which otherwise gets wasted.

When we speak about Electronic Security System from Eureka Forbes it is the Eurovigil brand that catches the attention of the safety conscious gentry. Video Door Phones, IAS-Wireless, IAS-Wired, IAS-Hybrid Panel, CCTV, Access Control, HAS, Biometric Lock – the categories are varied. Total safety and security can be ensured in a home with integrated use of all aforesaid systems. Each comes with select security features. For example, access control electronic security system provides access to authorized persons only and helps keep intruders at bay. You can view detailed features of this and other systems at