Sunday, April 15, 2012

Groundbreaking and Effective RO Water Purifiers

Storage, UV, UF, RO+UV, multiple blends, and RO water purifiers – you get complete purification solutions from Eureka Forbes. And then there are options to choose from every category except the UF. These water purifiers are available under two different brands. Innovation, superlative quality, incorporation of advanced technology, purification effectiveness, multi-stage purification; these features epitomize each system. Using Eureka Forbes water purifiers, you enter the gateway towards leading a healthy life. Yes, you stay away from water-borne diseases.

There is nothing that has not been invented by Eureka Forbes. Pioneering technologies come from the house of Eureka Forbes only. Consider its series of RO water purifiers under the Aquaguard brand. The breakthrough technologies are researched upon and introduced to enhance purification effectiveness, purifying water having the toughest of new age contaminants and disease-causing micro organisms. Each system is endorsed by global certification bodies.

AquaGuard RO Total ENHANCE, AquaGuard RO Total Reviva, AquaGuard RO Total Atom – these are RO Water Purifiers from the house of Eureka Forbes. Total ENHANCE is the only purifier of its kind in India that helps the user save 30 percent of precious water, which otherwise gets wasted. Reviva comes equipped with the unique RO plus technology. Mothers feel proud to get it installed in their kitchen as this technology removes harmful lead, a cause of brain damage in children. To view complete description, technical specification, and features of these RO water purifiers, visit Alternatively, you may dial 3988 3333 to collect information, free home demonstration, and order requests.