Friday, March 30, 2012

Pure Water and Technologies/Solutions from Eureka Forbes

When we say ‘pure water’, the image of this elixir of life flowing from the faucet of an advanced water purifier comes to our mind. And when we say purifier, we get robotically transported to the world of Eureka Forbes. The first domestic water purifier introduced in the Indian market was the Aquaguard by Eureka Forbes in 1982. For 30 plus years now, millions of people are drinking pure water using advanced purifiers from this company. Today, Eureka Forbes has over 8 million families using its series of purifiers.

Aquaguard is Eureka Forbes’ flagship brand. It is one of the largest selling Water Purifiers in the world. You will find an expansive range of technologies and solutions, addressing every type of water quality and purification conditions. Here is a list of the Aquaguard pure water systems:

·Blend: Total Sensa, Total Duo, Total Protec Plus

·RO: Total ENHANCE, Total Reviva, Total Atom

·UV: Total INFINITI, Classic, Compact, Booster, Hi-Flo, VERVE

·AquaGuard Ultra Filtration water purifier.

Endorsement by the Indian Medical Association proves the superlative quality feature of each of the aforesaid Pure Water system. Besides, Aquaguard has been conferred with numerous Indian and international awards; worth mentioning are Superbrand, Platinum Brand in Asia (Reader’s Digest), Best Complete Water Solution Provider (UNESCO-Water Digest), and more.

It is not just the ‘buy-sell’ relationship that Eureka Forbes maintains. It maintains a relationship for life. You can always expect to get prompt and effective after sales service support for your Aquaguard water purifier.