Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Healthy Drinking Water And Filters

Access to healthy drinking water is a basic necessity of life. Even the Constitution of India considers it the people’s right to have access to healthy drinking water. This is the reason why the government is continuously spending huge revenues towards realizing this objective. After all it is consumption of safe water that will let you lead healthy lives.

Think about pure water filters in India and it is Eureka Forbes that will strike your chords. Yes, this is the company that has been riding herd for 30+ years, catering to over 8 million satisfied users. Safe Water is what you get from every filter from this company. In the blend category, one of the pure water filters in India worth mentioning is Aquaguard Total Protec Plus (RO + UV). Not only are TDS levels lowered to acceptable standards, harmful micro organisms removed but also new age contaminants and dreaded heavy metals like lead, arsenic and mercury get eliminated during the purification process. It is the six stage filtration process that makes it happen. Every drop of water flowing from it is safe water. Medium and big families can go for this system; its storage capacity is 10 liters.

One of the pure water filters in India that is one of its kind in the world is Aquaguard Total Sensa. This Healthy Drinking Water purifier comes equipped with clarity cartridge, pre active silver carbon cartridge, electronic membrane life enhancer, RO membrane, post active silver carbon cartridge, ultra filtration cartridge, and UV lamp.