Monday, February 13, 2012

Water purifications systems and Eureka Forbes

When you think of water purifications, the image of water purifier systems will certainly flash in your mind. Do you think the conventional water purifications method is effective enough to purify today’s highly polluted water? Of course not! You do need an advanced system. Millions of deaths occur around the world owing to harmful micro organisms, new age tough contaminants, etc. present in water. It is direct consumption that leads to diseases. With 80 percent of the existing diseases being water borne, it is the need of the hour for every household to use water purifiers.

There can be no better manufacturing company than Eureka Forbes when we speak about water purifier systems. This company is a market leader in the Indian market. Here is a list of the water purifiers from the house of Eureka Forbes. The water purifier systems are categorized into two different brands with each brand having different types of models according to purification mechanisms.
· AquaGuard Water Purifiers: Blend (Total Sensa, Total Duo, Total Protec Plus), RO (Total ENHANCE, Total Reviva, Total Atom), UV (Total INFINITI, Classic, Compact, Booster, Hi-Flo, VERVE), AquaGuard Ultra Filtration
· AquaSure Water Purifiers: RO (Spring fresh DX, Elegant RO, Nano RO), UV (Crystal, Elite UV, Smart UV, Aquaflow Dx), Storage (AquaSure Amrit with Kitanu Magnet, AquaSure Xtra), AquaSure RO+UV Water Purifier

To view the aforesaid water purifications systems in detail in terms of features and technical specifications, visit Here you can also view image, price and demo videos of the desired product.