Monday, February 27, 2012

Pure water and the Aquaguard Total Duo

Drinking pure water is the essence of a healthy survival today. Use of water purifiers at homes is a must. The water purifiers should be advanced enough and come incorporated with the right purification mechanism so that only 100 percent pure water flows from the faucets. The market is full of water purifiers. So, it is quite natural to fall in a dilemma to find the right brand and choosing the right model. It will be wise on your part to first get your tap water tested and proceed with the buying.

Millions of users across the country bank upon Eureka Forbes. This company has numerous water purifiers to offer, all under different categories. So, if you are recommended to use a blend system, one that comes with RO and UV purification mechanisms, you should go for the Aquaguard Total Duo. It is one of the most revolutionary RO+UV water purifiers available in the market via direct sales. Here, direct sales means availability of the system right at the consumers’ doorsteps. Just dial 3988 3333 to order it or request for home demo. Alternatively, you may visit, the company’s corporate site for the same.

Every drop of water that flows from the Aquaguard Total Duo is pure water. This is facilitated by the 6-stage purification process. The pure water processing starts with RO purification technology followed by UV to prevent recontamination. During the process, all harmful micro organisms, new age tough contaminants, etc. are ridden of and TDS levels are reduced to acceptable standards.