Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Features of Aquaguard Total Duo water purifier

Homes are abuzz with this water purification system from Eureka Forbes called Aquaguard Total Duo. Yes, people are increasingly booking a home demo of this water purifier and ordering the same. You need not go to a retail outlet to buy it as it is available right in the comfort of your home through trained specialist of Eureka Forbes. What people have also spoken volume about the water purification is price; it is available at only Rs. 14,990.

Features that come incorporated in this system are praiseworthy. This revolutionary RO+UV water purifier comes with an advanced 6-stage purification mechanism. Here are features of the Aquaguard Total Duo water purification system:
Intelligent interface involving use of four indicators, viz. power indicator, water purification process, UV lamp, and tank full to the convenience of the user
For effective functioning, i.e. enhanced membrane life and improved water flow, the water purifier comes equipped with electronic membrane life enhancer
Storage capacity of 10 liters; availability of safe drinking water always
1 minute of auto cleaning once in every 2 hours
Every 6 hours, water is circulated through the UV Disinfection Column for 5 minutes
Just before water flows from the faucet, last point UV purification takes place ensuring flow of 100 percent pure water.

Aquaguard Total Duo water purifier weighs 11.7 kg and comes at 400X246X568 dimensions. Its power rating is 40 watts. You can view complete description and image of this water purification system at the Eureka Forbes corporate site.