Sunday, July 17, 2011

AquaSure Nano RO drinking water purifier

The terminology ‘nano’ is not only limited in the auto sector and other technologies but also in water purifiers. I have recently bought one of the most aesthetically pleasing and effective reverse osmosis water systems from the house of Eureka Forbes. It is AquaSure Nano RO. Now that I have started using it and availing the benefits, I now realize why there are millions of users of reverse osmosis water systems from Eureka Forbes. Right from quality, purification effectiveness, technology incorporated to features, technical specifications, and more, every drinking water purifier from this company is worth the buy as stated in many reviews by users themselves. And now I am part of the group.

AquaSure Nano RO drinking water purifier is priced at Rs. 7,990. Isn’t it so cheap? It comes with a five stage purification mechanism. Here are few features of this system:
Purified water has natural sweet taste
Manual flush, cleaning cartridge and enhancing its life
Energy saver mode gets activated if drinking water purifier is not used for over 10 minutes
In-built voltage stabilizer, making the system run even during voltage fluctuation.

There are two more reverse osmosis water systems from Eureka Forbes, which I came across at the retail outlet from where I bought my Nano purifier. I liked the other two purifiers as well, but this suited my budget and preferences the most.

Guys, before you buy a reverse osmosis drinking water purifier, it is a must to get your tap water tested!