Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Features of Aquaguard Total Reviva drinking water purifier

Most of you guys getting a sample of your tap water tested in the lab must be recommended with reverse osmosis water systems. Well, most regions of the country have high levels of TDS (total dissolved solids) in water. Drinking this water without purification can have adverse effects on your health. It is with the use of only reverse osmosis water systems that the water can be treated and deemed completely safe for consumption. You guys must have been already using or have heard about this reverse osmosis drinking water purifier called Aquaguard Total Reviva. The features that it come equipped with has magnetized many buyers. No wonder Eureka Forbes purification systems not to mention reverse osmosis water systems are used by over eight million consumers across the country. This well verifies the hi-technology and purification effectiveness of the systems.

Let me point out the features of the Aquaguard Total Reviva drinking water purifier:
• Unique membrane cleaning system ensuring effective membrane performance
• Silver Surety Technology, inhibiting growth of micro organisms
• Enhanced Booster pump for constant flow of water
• Large storage capacity of 8 litres, ideal for medium families
• Tamper-proof reject water valve for cleaning of membrane surface
• No dry running of pump of the water purifier system
• Transparent tank so that you know about the quantity of water available
• Automatic water level sensor, avoiding overflow and resuming filtration when water is withdrawn
• Dual flow tap, controlling the flow of purified water.