Thursday, May 19, 2011

AquaSure Nano RO water purifier

These days, people are so obsessed about buying water purifiers. They are now realizing the importance of drinking pure water always to stay away from water borne diseases. At our home, it is the AquaSure Nano RO that we have been using for quite some time and I have seen the same reverse osmosis water purification system being used in many a home wherever I went. This well proves that Eureka Forbes water purifiers are ruling the roost. I questioned the users why they are using the Nano RO; most answers centred on purification effectiveness, low maintenance, hi-tech features, five stage purification mechanism, and use of TFC spiral membrane that is less susceptible to bacterial odor. No informed consumers are bothered about the price factor. This reverse osmosis water purification system is available for Rs. 7,990. We got it from the nearest organized retail outlet. This purifier is also available in other leading consumer durable and home appliance stores.

Here are few features of the reverse osmosis water purification system that are worth mentioning:
• You get natural sweet taste of the purified water facilitated by the five stage purification process
• Manual flush facility, cleaning the cartridge and enhancing its life
• Energy saver mode gets automatically if machine is not operated for 10 minutes
• In-built voltage stabilizer ensuring that your purifier works even during voltage fluctuation.

There are other reverse osmosis water purifiers from Eureka Forbes and like the AquaSure Nano RO water purification system, each purifier is worth the buy.