Monday, August 8, 2011

AquaSure Amrit for safe water

With presence of increasing pollutants in water including harmful micro organisms and new age tough contaminants, it is not only important but a must to drink safe water. And it is only use of advanced water purifiers that can let you get safe water from the faucets.

If you want to bring home one of the best water purifiers – an amazing invention of the 21st century in storage water purification technology, it is only AquaSure Amrit that you can bank upon. This purifier is developed from the house of Eureka Forbes. It comes with revolutionary PCT (Positive Charge Technology); what you ultimately get from the faucet is not only pure but also safe water. No other water purifiers at such a price (Rs. 1990) are equipped with such a whole lot of features that guarantee purification effectiveness.

Other than PCT, the other features of this water purifier worth mentioning are as follows:
When the useful life gets over, it naturally shuts off indicating that the cartridge needs to be changed thus facilitating users get safe water always
Double storage capacity - top (9 litres) and bottom (11 litres) containers
During the purification process, all disease causing bacteria, virus and cysts are removed
Complete convenience is ensured as it doesn’t require electricity supply to run it; you thus get safe water without electricity consumption
You need no running (tap) water.

You will come across more AquaSure water purifiers in the market. Drink safe water and stay healthy!