Monday, June 27, 2011

Aquaguard Compact water purifier system

Water as pure as boiled water – well, I am getting it with the Aquaguard Compact water purifier system from Eureka Forbes. Yes, before I bought it, I did come across numerous water purifiers of different brands. Even Eureka Forbes has such a big list of water purifiers under different categories. I ultimately chose the Aquaguard Compact water purifier system.

I first conducted a research online, going through features and the technology incorporated in the various water purifiers. Once I knew what I needed, I immediately booked a home demo of the said water purifier system at the Eureka Forbes corporate site. Within hardly 10 hours, two executives turned up at my doorstep to perform the home demonstration, all for free. Satisfied with the demo, I ordered the purifier system right away.

Aquaguard Compact comes powered with e-boiling+, an Intelligent Purity Sensor system and Mineral Preserver system. During the purification process, all contaminants including disease-causing organisms and new age impurities get removed. Water that flows from the faucet is thus 100% pure and safe. The price of this water purifier system is so meager. It is only Rs. 7,990 – an investment for several years. Now I need not boil water for myself and family members. Aquaguard Compact provides water as pure as boiled water.

At 5 kg weight, 307 x 102.5 x 355 mm dimensions, 8 watts (G8T5) UV lamp, 25 watts power rating, 230 V AC / 50 Hz input voltage, and 1 litre/minute water flow rate, it is worth the buy.