Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Use of water purifier for safe water

Will you ever compromise on your health by not drinking safe water? Certainly not! Visiting the doctor, having medicines or even getting hospitalized besides getting your immune system affected and routine tasks impinged on may drive you out of your spirits. Before such a situation creates havoc in your life, get a water purifier installed at your home. To know which purification technology you need to go for, get the water tested. The UV water purification is recommended in areas where the micro organism content in water is very high. The use of the right technology will let you consume safe water helping you lead a healthy life.

One UV water purifier that is in the good books of countless consumers is the Aquaguard Classic by Eureka Forbes. It is absolutely pure and safe water that flows from the faucet.

The system comes equipped with e-boiling+ intelligent purity sensor system and mineral preserver system, facilitating in the removal of not only micro organisms but also physical and chemical impurities. Aquaguard Classic, priced at Rs. 7,390, is endorsed by the Indian Medical Association.

This UV water purifier is aesthetically pleasing, easy to clean and maintain. During the purification process, electronic impulses are produced leading to prevention of scaling of the quartz tube, ensuring the retention of precious minerals and nutrients.

The awareness drive started by Eureka Forbes 28 years ago advocating the drinking of safe water and living in a clean environment has yielded results.