Thursday, March 18, 2010

A Healthy Life With Safe Water

To maintain a healthy life, safe water should always be consumed. The water in our area is high in TDS content besides being full of other contaminants. You can hardly notice them with the naked eye. I have read in several articles on the web and at blog forums that only a reverse osmosis system can purify the water and deem it safe water, fit for drinking. I spent my childhood and teenhood in my village. We used to drink well water after boiling it. I have also read that the water should be boiled for at least 20 minutes to kill existing germs and there are chances of recontamination even in stored boiled water. But neither the villagers nor our parents were aware of it. Water was hardly boiled for five minutes at the most. Moreover, they were also not aware of the RO water purifier.

The reverse osmosis system in India is more popular in urban areas than in rural areas. Awareness is thus the need of the hour. Thousands of deaths take place every day across the world due to water borne diseases. Amongst the many brands of the RO water purifiers, it is Eureka Forbes that sells the most. I have the AquaSure elegant RO installed at my home. I bought this RO system from a retail store after going through other RO water purifiers and after comparing prices and features.